Customized for your business

Over unlimited available pay types allow you to have multiple rates of pay for each employee. Variable pay schedules let you pay your employees when you want. There's also a personalized pay period input sheet for your business only.

Information at your fingertips

Access your payroll, anytime and anywhere. Our secure online portal makes it a breeze to pay employees and access important reports.

Exceptional customer service

Our team works together to provide the best customer service possible. We treat you the way we want to be treated. When you have a question, you won't be passed around to different departments. Our Payroll Specialists can answer all of your questions.

And More!

To make your job easier, we do the following for you: free direct deposit and self printed checks, electronic payment of Federal and State payroll taxes, filing of all quarterly and annual Federal and State payroll forms, printing and reporting of  W-2's and 1099's. You will also receive email reminders to remind you when it's pay time to send in your employee's hours.

Jackrabbit quick import

If you are using Jackrabbit for time reporting, we're seamlessly integrated. With a click of a button your employee's hours are emailed to us for payroll processing.